– Alison K

I honestly don’t think we could have ever had a successful switch from our CRM to our ATS without Geoff. We’re a small firm without an in-house IT/HRIS team, so we were planning to attempt to do as much of the data work on our own as we could. As we dove deeper into the implementation process, we realized we were over our heads and our new ATS support team recommended Geoff. It was the best decision we made throughout that process. Geoff took the time to really understand our old system, the way we had our data stored, and where we wanted it to go in the new system. Furthermore, he even served as a thought partner to us as we tried to get our new ATS to meet our needs. He helped think of creative solutions to our challenges and identified workarounds, where needed.

More than anything, he took what felt like an impossible task and made it feel feasible. He broke everything down for us in ways that met us where we were (limited systems knowledge) and was always, always ready and willing to answer questions we had. On top of all that, he brought a sense of humor and calm demeanor to all of our meetings and email exchanges. Working with Geoff was a lifesaver and we would recommend him to anyone – no one’s better!